Carl Barks (Fanowskie tłumaczenia)

InDucks Tytuł
W LFC 7-01 Saves the Ship
W OS 29-01 The Mummy's Ring
W CGW Y 1-01 Donald Duck's Atom Bomb
W OS 189-01 Bird Watching
W OS 189-02 The Old Castle's Secret
W OS 223-02 Lost In the Andes!
W OS 238-02 Voodoo Hoodoo
W OS 256-02 Luck of the North
W OS 263-01 Noise Nullifier
W WDC 132-04 Welcome Guest
W OS 367-03 Christmas Kiss
W OS 408-02 The Golden Helmet
W OS 422-03 Armored Rescue
W OS 422-04 Crafty Corner
W WDC 149-01 Flip Decision
W OS 456-02 Back to the Klondike
W OS 495-04 Follow the rainbow
W OS 495-03 The Round Money Bin
W US 4-01 Ballet Evasions
W US 4-04 Bum Steer
W US 4-03 The Cheapest Weigh
W US 5-03 McDuck takes a dive
W US 5-02 The Secret of Atlantis
W US 5-04 Slippery Sipper
W US 8-02 The Mysterious Stone Ray
W US 9-02 The Lemming with the Locket
W US 9-03 The Tuckered Tiger
W US 11-03 Come as you are
W US 12-02 The Golden Fleecing
W DD 45-01 Courtside Heating
W US 14-07 Fireflies are Free
W US 15-01 Buffo or Bust
W DD 51-07 All Season Hat
W DD 52-02 Hound of the Whiskervilles
W DD 52-02 Lifeguard Daze
W DD 52-02 August Accident
W DD 52-02 Back to the Klondike
W DD 52-02 Boat Buster
W DD 52-02 The Fantastic River Race
W DD 52-02 The Firebug
W DD 52-02 Forecasting Follies
W DD 52-02 The Hard Loser
W DD 52-02 The Invisible Intruder
W DD 52-02 The Lost Crown of Genghis Khan!
W DD 52-02 The Lost Peg Leg Mine
W DD 52-02 McDuck takes a dive
W DD 52-02 No Noise is Good Noise
W DD 52-02 Sorry to be Safe
W DD 52-02 Trapped Lightning
W DD 52-02 The Victory Garden
W US 22-05 High Rider
W US 27-05 Crawls For Cash
W US 27-01 Frozen Gold
W US 27-01 The Money Champ
W US 28-05 The Money Hat
W US 33-06 The Big Bobber
W WDC 249-01 Stranger than Fiction
W US 36-01 The Midas Touch
W US 38-06 Collection Day
W US 38-08 Playmates
W WDC 262-08 Rags To Riches
W US 39-06 Art Appreciation
W US 39-01 Getting the Bird
W US 40-02 Oddball Odyssey
W US 46-05 Fireman Scrooge
W US 46-04 The Lemonade Fling
W US 47-05 No Bargain
W US 47-06 Up and At It
W US 48-01 The Many Faces of Magica The Spell
W US 57-01 The Bigger the Beggar
W US 61-03 Down for the Count
W US 61-07 It Happened One Winter
W US 61-01 Wasted Words